So who am I, owner of Homegrown Peppers?  And why am I writing about growing peppers?

The short answer is that I wanted something different than what was available at the grocery store.

The longer answer is below.  :)

My Name is Gail and I Love Peppers of All Kinds!

I’m Gail Nettles, the owner of this site, chief writer and pepper-eater.  Here’s how I got started on my pepper-growing journey.

Let’s see, about 16 years ago, my husband (David) and I moved into this house.  We have a bit of land, so I figured it was time to grow myself a garden.  Not only for the great-tasting produce, but also I wanted to grow my veggies as organically as possible.

So I read and read and read more about growing vegetables.  I noticed in my reading that peppers love a warm climate (South Florida is indeed warm), they caught my interest.  So I started perusing the seed catalogs and haunting the garden shops for different varieties.

I never realized there were soooo many different kinds of peppers!  I mean, I was used to the ordinary — bell peppers, jalepenos, the occasional banana pepper.  But wow, there were so many others out there to explore!  Sweet, mild, hot — they came in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Some were absolutely huge, and others were the size and shape of small marbles.

Some were even quite ornamental, with beautiful foliage and multi-color peppers dotting the plant.

Along the way, as I shared some of my bounty, friends were asking me how they could grow their own peppers.  After trying to tell them a few times, I figured that I may as well share my knowledge with everyone.

So, welcome to Homegrown Peppers!  Glad you could stop by, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.  Come back often, send friends, link to me…just get the word out on how easy it really is to grow your very own peppers!

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