Pepper Seed Varieties

I love peppers, so I am always on the lookout for new pepper seed sources.  Sometimes I like hot (chile) peppers, other times I want the sweeter (bell, banana) peppers for my palate.

So was I ever surprised when I found some neat pepper seeds where I didn’t expect them — ebay!

Chile Pepper Seeds

Now when I say chile pepper, I am including all the hot peppers – not just the ones with “chile” as part of their name.  And there are lots and lots of hot pepper seeds to pick!

Some of the hot pepper seed varieties I saw included

Well, that’s just a small sampling of the hot pepper seeds that I saw — lots more varieties are available.

Sweet Peppers

Not to be outdone, there were also plenty of sweet and bell peppers available, too.  I love hot chile peppers, but I also adore sweet peppers and bell peppers, too.  While for whatever reason I tend to have problems with growing bells, I can grow the other sweet peppers ’til the cows come home!

Some of the interesting sweet peppers that I saw were:

There are a whole lot more of the non-chile-pepper-type seeds.  I couldn’t believe the variety I saw!

Well, I need to get shopping, because fortunately, Florida summers are great for growing hot peppers (unless we get a hurricane, that is).  I saw quite a few new varieties that I want to try!